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The interest in the offer of the Sigma credit bank is still high, because serious Swiss credit without Schufa comes today from Liechtenstein.

Are you considering a small loan without Schufa or would you like to top up an existing Good Finance loan? Do not you want to grope in the dark, but serious information to implement your request?

We have carefully examined the loan without Schufa from Liechtenstein for you. Take advantage of what is probably the most comprehensive information service on non-fictitious microcredit online before you decide.

Good Finance – schufa free credit requirement for Germany

Good Finance - schufa free credit requirement for Germany

Schufa credit from the Good Finance from Liechtenstein, is in demand from Germans. According to Schufa, almost every tenth adult German (9.2 percent) has one or more negative Schufa characteristics. (Source: Schufa compass 2015). Statista, a recognized statistics portal, comes to a similar value. From the published individual figures of 2015 calculated 9.44 percent share of all adults with at least one negative Schufa feature.

Limited to the age groups from 25 years to 54 years, the number even increases in the double-digit range. In a negative sense, “frontrunners” are the 35- to 39-year-olds with 16.4 percent negative Schufa.The unquestionably large need, in whole numbers about 8 million adults with bad Schufa, face only a few reputable credit offers. About a good handful of loan providers are willing to grant credit despite Schufa.

That is a negligible number, compared to the currently about 1,960 banks that are active in Germany. (Source: Bundesbank Press Office). If the negative Schufa entry is still unpaid, the number of possible commercial providers is even lower. In fact, no bank in Germany is willing to grant credit with an unfinished hard negative feature.

For bank loans, the only question is: borrowing from the Sigma Credit Bank or increasing the credit to the foreign bank.

Solve credit problems via credit advertising – daring attempt


With own advertisement for the credit without Schufa the Sigma credit bank from Liechtenstein holds back very much. Only a small website indicates the offer. Schufa-free loans mainly promote credit intermediaries in German-speaking countries. The advantage for the bank is that the distribution channel provides qualitatively better (pretested) credit applications. The distribution concept has a disadvantageous effect on the reputation of schufafreien loans German from abroad.

Medial is left by “reputable” rapporteurs hardly a good hair in schufa-free financings. There is always – at least latently – the high risk of fraud in the room. – Because, many journalists do not distinguish cleanly between partially untenable advertising messages and the real loan offer. Freeloaders use the advertisement for the foreign bank’s offer to implement “semi-diligent business models”.

Sale of insurance, investments, retirement plans


Credit cards and illegal prepayment, everything can hide behind the advertising. – But only behind the advertising of intermediaries. It creates the media impression, not just some mediators, but also the bank itself would be corrupt. In the media flood, reputable reports, such as those from N-TV, hardly find a place in the search engine.

In doing so, the bank relies on honest transparency in order to escape the predominantly innocent bad image.

Do not believe particularly well-sounding advertising slogans. Credit without Schufa is not a mass product for everyone, but is handpicked as a special loan.