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Our debt to banks can sometimes be an overload on our backs. Our debts to different banks create multiple payments and monthly installment burdens. It is possible to apply to banks in order to close these debts in these days when we continue to borrow from day to day.

Provide a Loan Closing Loan


Banks can also provide a Loan Closing Loan to ease your hand. Consumer Loans , Vehicle Loans and Credit Card Debts can be transferred to totally different banks and can help us by gathering under one roof with interest rates starting from 1,17% . So, what are the banks that provide debt settlement loans? Current 2017 Campaigns.

Why should I use Debt Closing Loan?

Why should I use Debt Closing Loan?

It is not right for us to give you this kind of orientation so that you can close your debts. However, individuals who have different debts to different banks and want to collect them under a single roof will benefit significantly if they prefer this loan . Transferring all debts to a single bank will help you make your monthly payments. In addition, interest rates of debt settlement loans may be low.

What Documents Are Required?


  • Identification
  • Residence Certificate (If the records are up-to-date, fixed invoice for the last 3 months is sufficient.),
  • Salary Slip (required if pre-approval is not given)

If your income and your loan if i do not have a problem with your payment is in the bank and get pre-approval will be confirmed directly. However, it will be better for you if you can document your income in case of pre-approval.

Banks that currently have campaigns are listed in this way. You can make your applications through these banks. We will also mention the campaigns of the banks in detail.

Good Finance Bank

With an interest rate of 1.25% , Good Finance Bank provides debt settlement loans to its customers under the name of Debt Transfer Loan with maturity facilities up to 36 months . You can also start making your payments after 3 months in this campaign.

Good Lender

If there is no problem with your payments, you can combine your credit and credit card debts with interest rates starting from 1.23% under the roof of Good Lender .

Honest Bank

You can merge all of your debts (upper limit) limited with a maturity of only 18 months and TL 20,000 under Honest Bank. Like the other bank, Honest Bank offers payment after 3 months.

You can ask us all your questions and problems related to Debt Closing Loan in the comments section of the subsection.

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