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An accident happened faster than you think. Illness also dares to ruin our lives at the most unexpected moments. And as if these personal setbacks are not enough, they are often accompanied by a loss of income.

Those who only have to fall back on social security risk running into financial problems. It is therefore recommended to take out additional insurance against loss of income following incapacity for work. This can be done perfectly, for example, by linking an additional guarantee to your debt balance insurance. Discover the options here!

Insuring against loss of income: a perfect supplement to statutory reimbursements

Insuring against loss of income: a perfect supplement to statutory reimbursements

If, due to adversity such as illness or disability, you are left without a job, you are of course entitled to benefits within the legal framework of social security. However, this benefit is limited and often not sufficient to meet your personal financial needs . By insuring you additionally against loss of income , you get rid of that uncertain factor in your career.

To enjoy that extra protection, you can take out a guaranteed income insurance, but there are other options. Do you have a home loan or other loan ? Then it is worth taking out an additional guarantee on top of your debt balance insurance. Also with this you can protect yourself perfectly against loss of income!

Additional guarantees: not mandatory, but interesting


While a balance insurance only covers death and is therefore primarily aimed at the financial protection of your relatives , additional guarantees are a security for the entire family , including yourself! These are therefore additional insurance policies linked to your debt balance insurance (and therefore cannot be taken out separately without a debt balance insurance).

These guarantees are not mandatory, but they are strongly recommended, since social security is less and less guaranteeing a carefree future .

Insure yourself against loss of income

Insure yourself against loss of income

To insure yourself against loss of income, you have the choice of two guarantees:

  • Additional guarantee “Incapacity for work” : maintains your standard of living when you are no longer able to carry out your job due to illness or accident.
  • “Involuntary Unemployment” additional guarantee : indemnifies you from headaches if you suddenly run out of work. No superfluous luxury in times of economic crisis.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about these additional guarantees or about a general balance insurance. We are ready for you!

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